Aviator game online — features and strategies to win



The popular project Aviator real money game won the attention of gamblers immediately after its release. The device from the developer Spribe has unique gameplay, and the betting algorithm will impress even experienced users. Many customers of BetAndreasAviator ask themselves: what is the best winning strategy? Several schemes will properly improve the results in the slot.

slot features


What is the Aviator game at BetAndreas?

This modern machine was created by the developer Spribe not so long ago. It is available to users from Bangladesh in a separate section of the casino website. To play BetAndreasAviator, It is essential to learn the rules of the slot machine. It is also interesting to consider the visual characteristics of the slot. On the playing field, there are several significant elements:

  • main screen with an aircraft;
  • «How to Play» button and a block with the rules and settings;
  • two boxes for betting;
  • the history of the latest results;
  • a panel with the successes of other users.

The slot machine itself is significantly different from the classic video slots. To win money in BetAndreasAviator, you need to catch the flying plane at the top odds. It is essential to pick the right betting system to earn money. The problem is that when the plane disappears, the amount is nullified. This means — you have to take risks to get really huge multipliers.

The Game Mode

You can read more about the game mode in the relevant section right in the interface of the device. In fact, the algorithm is to place a bet or two on the active panel at the bottom of the page. Next, you need to keep track of the chart of an aircraft flight. The winning situation in BetAndreasAviator is to get to the maximum multiplier. With each second — an aircraft increases the multiplier until it flies out of the field. The user’s task is to take the money up to that point. The game calculates the multiplier randomly, so it is considered quite risky..

Gameplay & Features



The slot machine from Spribe has several attractive features. The first is the possibility of placing 2 bets simultaneously. Moreover, you can interact with each of them separately. That is, the algorithm will allow you to raise a different amount of money in one round. For more details about this gameplay system, see the rules of the slot machine. If the round has not yet been launched, you can cancel the bet at any time.

gameplay in the aviator

Also, BetAndreasAviator has an autoplay option where you can even set the built-in cash out ratio. When you reach this figure, the system will automatically pay out money. On the betting panel — you can choose the amount from a suggested list or enter it yourself. There is a table on the left side with the results of other participants for the last round.

Winning strategies for the game Aviator at BetAndreas

Given that the efficiency chart of different schemes in the slot machine is ambiguous, it is worth evaluating all the secrets to learning how to earn money. The tactics themselves are best tailored according to your own style of play. That way, you can raise the balance noticeably faster. You can read ready-made experts’ guides or create your own scheme at BetAndreasAviator. Any winning strategy still involves risks. Keep this in mind, relying not only on mathematical systems but also on luck. However, if you play correctly, the chances of making money will increase.

The small multiplier strategy

This option is especially popular with newcomers. They often look for secrets that may help them learn how to earn money in the slot machine. The manual itself assumes the choice of a «safe» coefficient, which will drop out — in almost every round. This winning strategy usually allows a multiplier in the range of 1.40-1.60. To apply the scheme correctly, you need:

  • to run the BetAndreasAviator slot machine and follow several rounds;
  • to explore the history and choose the coefficient, which is achieved in 95% of tours;
  • to start placing bets, focusing on this multiplier, or set it to automatic cashout;
  • to adjust the gameplay depending on the current results.

play with low odds

In most cases, playing on low multipliers will be a profitable solution for newcomers. The main thing is that it minimizes the risk of losing money quickly. The system also has its disadvantages. Alas, to really hit the jackpot, you will have to spend a lot of time here because low odds do not bring quick results.

The average multiplier strategy

For those seeking the more rapid earnings, there is another attractive tactic. This time the odds for each of the rounds should be increased to the average value. It’s not easy to know the level at which to play correctly. The best way is to calculate the average prize multiplier for recent rounds.

strategy of average coefficients

Most often, the winning strategy at BetAndreasAviator involves odds of 4.50 to 7.50. This is the optimal value, which allows quickly raising money without taking too much risk. The manual has its own drawbacks as well. Alas, the chance of losing at higher odds is noticeably more significant than when using the first system.

The Martingale Strategy

This algorithm was initially developed for roulette, but today it works at BetAndreasAviator. The very scheme of the Martingale system is to double the losing bet on each unsuccessful round. That is, the manual will allow you to earn the amount of the minimum bet with a 100% guarantee. To master the scheme and increase your balance, you need to have stamina and be guided by cold calculations.

It is best to choose a small bet so that there is room to raise it. This way, the tactic will be most efficient. The principal risk of Martingale is reaching the betting cap. In this case, the winning strategy will bring losses. Otherwise, the scheme is simple and convenient. When winning, you need to continue to bet the same amount, and when losing — double it. By the way, a game with both — low and high odds is acceptable here.

To summarize, we can say that BetAndreasAviator is a great slot machine for fans of creative gameplay. Yes, the game has its secrets, with which it is better to familiarize those who seek to earn money. A variety of systems for winning in the slot will make the gambling session more exciting. And a winning strategy will allow you to hit the jackpot, even for newcomers.